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by Brenda Bell
While I haven't caught everything he's been in, I've been a fan of Wil Wheaton since his Star Trek: The Next Generation days. While many of my fannish peers wanted to "Kill Wesley Crusher", the character was a bit like I would have liked to have been at that age. Wil's latest TV endeavor, The Wil Wheaton Project, is a mix of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, and gaming news with irreverent...

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My endocrinologist diagnosed me with type 1 but left me on metformin and lantus with no fast acting insulin. How can I be type 1?

Asked by: trumpetgirl2132 Category: Newly Diagnosed

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Types of Insulin

dLife demystifies different types of insulin, from animal to analog.
Urban Miyares
Vietnam Veteran Urban Miyares

Jim Turner interviews entrepreneur and Vietnam Veteran Urban Miyares who is an inspiration to those living with diabetes.